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Sarah Levete Biography (1961-) - Sidelights

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Sarah Levete told SATA: "I find it particularly rewarding to write about feelings and personal and social issues. Childhood is full of pleasure and fun, but it is also full of difficult and painful feelings. It is reassuring for a child to know that his or her feeling or situation is not uncommon—reading about it doesn't make the difficulty disappear—but it can offer some support and reassurance. On a higher note, I have just finished writing a 'Spider-Man' annual which was great fun."

Levete has written a series of easy-to-read nonfiction titles on some of the most difficult issues facing children: the death of a loved one, drug and alcohol abuse, loneliness, peer pressure, and self-assertiveness. The books set up scenarios and then ask the reader to come up with solutions, realizing that many questions have no easy answers. Booklist contributor Susan Dove Lempke characterized the "How Do I Feel About" series as "useful, attractive books." Stephani Hutchinson in School Library Journal liked the fact that the series is "accessible to readers." Hutchinson called the books "useful resources for classroom units."

Biographical and Critical Sources


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