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Agent—Margaret Connoly, 37 Ormond St., Paddington 2021, New South Wales, Australia.

Illustrator and author.

Australian Society of Authors, Society of Book Illustrators.


Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1988.

This Old Man, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1990.

Hickory Dickory Dock and Other Nursery Songs, Angus & Robertson (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), 1991, published as Hickory Dickory Dock and Other Nursery Rhymes, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1992.

Town Mouse, Country Mouse, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1995.

The Hare and the Tortoise, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1996.

The Lion and the Mouse, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1997.

What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1999.

The Gingerbread Man, Houghton (Boston, MA), 2002.


Ronald Melzack, reteller, The Day Tuk Became a Hunter and Other Eskimo Stories, Dodd (New York, NY), 1967.

Alan Boucher, The Hornstranders, Meredith Press (New York, NY), 1969.

Sally Farrell Odgers, Drummond: The Search for Sarah, Holiday House (New York, NY), 1990.

Ann Jungman, Honest Mum, I've Looked Everywhere, Angus & Robertson (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), 1992.

Alice Cameron, The Cat Sat on the Mat, Houghton (Boston, MA), 1993.

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