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Bobbie Holaday (1922-) - Career

phoenix secretary inc arizona

Whirlpool, Inc., St. Joseph, MI, secretary, 1950-56; Arizona Industrial Council, Phoenix, AZ, secretary, 1956-57; Motorola, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, secretary, 1957-59; General Electric Co., Phoenix, AZ, secretary, 1959-60, technical writer, 1960-66, programmer, 1966-70; Honeywell, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, system analyst, 1970-83, staff engineer, 1983-86; writer and environmentalist, 1980—. Program chairperson, Palo Verde Group, Grand Canyon Chapter of Sierra Club, c. 1970-80. Founder and executive director, Preserve Arizona's Wolves (P.A.W.S.), 1988-98.

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