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Norma Charles - Writings

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Amanda Grows Up, Scholastic (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1978.

No Place for a Horse, General (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1988.

April Fool Heroes, Nelson (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1989.

Darlene's Shadow, General (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1991.

See You Later, Alligator, Scholastic (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1991.

A Bientot Croco!, Scholastic (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1991.

Twelve-year-old Megan and her younger sister agree to meet with their troubled, estranged father and find themselves embroiled in a dangerous situation from which Meg must courageously escape. (Cover illustration by Janet Wilson.)

Dolphin Alert!, Nelson (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 1998.

Runaway, Coteau (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada), 1999.

Sophie Sea to Sea, Beach Holme (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 1999.

The Accomplice, Raincoast Books (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2001.

Criss Cross, Double Cross, Beach Holme (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2002.

Fuzzy Wuzzy, Hodgepog (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2002.

All the Way to Mexico, Raincoast Books (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2003.

Sophie's Friend in Need, Beach Holme (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 2004.

Several of author's books have been translated into French.

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12 months ago

I have several recent books if you'd like to update your site:
-Last Chance Island, Ronsdale, 2016
-Run Marco Run, Ronsdale, 2011
-Bank Job, Orca, 2009
-Chasing a Star, Ronsdale, 2009
-Girl in the Backseat, Ronsdale, 2008
-Boxcar Kid, Dundurn, 2007