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Terri (Bellamy Bach Windling a group pseudonym) (1958-) - Career

editor museum york endicott

Editor, author, artist, and illustrator. Ace Books/Grosset & Dunlap, New York, NY, editorial assistant, beginning 1979, became associate editor, then fantasy editor, then senior editor, executive editor, 1984-86; affiliated with Armadillo Press, New York, NY, 1985-86; Tor Books, New York, NY, consulting editor, 1986—. Endicott Studio, founder, first Boston, MA, 1987-91, then Devon, England, and Tucson, AZ, 1991—; Endicott West, cofounder, 2001—. Mythic Imagination Institute, advisory board member. Exhibitions: Paintings exhibited in museums and galleries, both nationally and internationally, including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, West Virginia Museum of Art, Words and Pictures Museum, Book Arts Gallery, Mythic Garden (England), Abbaye Daoulas (France), and the University of Arizona.

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