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Born 1948, in South Africa; immigrated to Australia, 1972; Education: Attended Australian National University. Hobbies and other interests: Music, opera, frequenting cafés.

Agent—c/o Author Mail, ABC Books, Allen & Unwin, P.O. Box 8500, St. Leonards, New South Wales 1590, Australia.

Journalist, book editor, and children's author. Editor and publisher, ABC Books, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Children's Book Council of Australia, Picture Book of the Year designation, 1990, for The Very Best of Friends, Picture Book of the Year shortlist, 1997, for The Midnight Gang; Australian Books of the Year Awards shortlist, 1992, for Let the Celebrations Begin!; Children's Book Council of Australia Award shortlist, 2002, for Jinx; May Gibbs Literature Trust fellowship, La Trobe University, 2001.

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almost 7 years ago

i was just commenting and saying i need to now her personal life im doing a project on her i love her writing and i want to now was she marry did she have kids etc etc please

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about 7 years ago

who is she?

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almost 2 years ago

Alitza Guerron
Mr. Cottom
HEnglish - P4
2 May 2017
Book Report
Everyone has to be careful with what they do. It does not matter what it is, everyone has to think about the consequences of their actions. In the book, One Night by Margaret Wild and the song, “Late” by Mya the use of metaphors and diction conveys not to give into temptation.
In the book One Night by Margaret Wild, she conveys that it is better to be safe than sorry. In her book she states “... she has a feelings of rightness about this one, especially this desolate void in his chest makes him so dangerous. She leaps right in”(Wild 86). In this sentence she uses the words desolate, rightness, and dangerous to express her feelings of being undecided about going with Gabe. But even after having all those feelings, she still goes after him. This connects to the theme, because she knows there is something bizarre about him and that something escalated, but she still goes for him. Later in her book she writes, “Grimly I vow to keep my legs crossed in the future”(Wild 147). Now that Helen is giving birth she realizes her mistake with Gabe. Here the author uses the metaphor “keep my legs crossed in the future” to show how the character has learned her lesson after giving into her temptation. This connects to the theme because since she gave into her temptation Helen is going through the awful outcome.
Everyone gives into their temptations. This is a big issue because when people give into their temptations, they always come with consequences. For example, in the book One Night the
Guerron 2
author writes “ ‘ My addiction doesn’t hurt anyone but myself’ ”(Wild 112). In this sentence Mrs. Evans admits that cigarettes, her temptation, has now become into her addiction. And she knows that it is not good for her body. This connects to the theme because the character admits that her addiction is physically not good for her. In the song “Late” by Mya she sings “I’m overdue what are we gonna do I know my body and it’s drivin’ me crazy I’m never late”(Mya). In this sentence the artist uses idiom to show that she is in trouble. This is an example of a consequence after giving into her temptation.
In the song “Late” by Mya, she conveys to not give into temptations through the use of idiom and diction. In her lyrics she states “I shoulda been more careful when I let him rock my boat I’m stressin all day, everyday, hopin’ it’s not the case”(Mya). In this sentence she uses the idiom “rock my boat” referring to sexual intercourse and that is a temptation the character gave into. And now that she might be pregnant she knows the mistake she did. This connects to the theme because she gave into a temptation we all have gave into and now she is living the scare of it all. Mya also states, “Start picking up your phone I’ll be damned if you’re out partyin’ while I’m stressed at home”(Mya). In this sentence she uses diction, using the words damned, stressed, and partying to express her feelings and how she is so anxious and over thinking her situation on how she cannot tell the guy. This connects to the theme because it is another example of ha consequence that can come up because she gave into her desire of hooking up with the guy.
Therefore, we should not give into desires because they come with problems afterwards. In the book One Night by Margaret Wild and the song “Late” by Mya both convey to not give into temptations.

this is my essay that i wrote after reading her book one night. i was very impressed and fell in love wit the book from the moment i started ut

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over 3 years ago

I would like to use one of her books as a performance piece. I don’t know how I’d go about contacting her. Any Suggestions?

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almost 7 years ago

this dose help it isnt helpful sorry

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over 2 years ago


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over 1 year ago

Why does it not tell you her work and school