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Mary Dodson Wade (1930-) - Writings

press texas illustrated houston

Easter Fires, illustrated by Patty Rucker, Eakin Press (Austin, TX), 1984.

Milk, Meat Biscuits, and the Terraqueous Machine: The Story of Gail Borden, Eakin Press (Austin, TX), 1987.

David Crockett: Sure He Was Right, Eakin Press (Austin, TX), 1992.

Amelia Earhart: Flying for Adventure, Millbrook Press (Brookfield, CT), 1992.

I Am Houston, illustrated by Pat Finney, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1993.

Austin: The Son Becomes Father, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1993.

Little Fish and Big Question, Island Heritage, 1994.

Ada Byron Lovelace: The Lady and the Computer, Dillon Press (New York, NY), 1994.

Cabeza de Vaca: Conquistador Who Cared, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1994.

Estevan, Walking across America, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1994.

Benedict Arnold, F. Watts (New York, NY), 1994.

Guadalupe Quintanilla: Leader of the Hispanic Community, Enslow Publishers (Springfield, NJ), 1995.

I'm Going to Texas = Yo voy a Tejas, illustrated by Virginia Marsh Roeder, translated by Guadalupe C. Quintanilla, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1995.

The Alamo: Flash Point between Texas and Mexico, Discovery Enterprises (Carlisle, MA), 1996.

Opa's Stories, illustrated by Pat Finney, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1996.

Homesteading on the Plains: Daily Life in the Land of Laura Ingalls Wilder, illustrated by Harvey Dunn, Millbrook Press (Brookfield, CT), 1997.

The Road to San Jacinto, Discovery Enterprises (Carlisle, MA), 1997.

I'm Going to California = Yo voy a California, illustrated by Virginia Marsh, translated by Juan M. Aguayo, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1997.

Jane Long's Journey, illustrated by Virginia Marsh Roeder, Colophon House (Houston, TX), 1998.

George W. Bush: Governor of Texas, W. S. Benson (Austin, TX), 1999.

T Is for Texas, illustrated by Virginia Roeder, GHB Publishers (St. Charles, MO), 2000.

Walter's Worries, illustrated by Philip Webb, Learning Media (Wellington, New Zealand), 2001.

ALS—Lou Gehrig's Disease, Enslow Publishers (Berkeley Heights, NJ), 2001.

(With Nanci R. Vargus and Katharine A. Kane) El Dia de los Muertos, Children's Press (New York, NY), 2002.

George W. Bush, Forty-third President of the United States, W. S. Benson (Austin, TX), 2002.

Tsunami: Monster Waves, Enslow Publishers (Berkeley Heights, NJ), 2002.

Types of Maps, Children's Press (New York, NY), 2003.

Map Scale, Children's Press (New York, NY), 2003.

Condoleeza Rice: Being the Best, Millbrook Press (Brookfield, CT), 2003.

People of Texas, Heinemann Library (Chicago, IL), 2003.

Texas Plants and Animals, Heinemann Library (Chicago, IL), 2003.

Christopher Columbus, Children's Press (New York, NY), 2003.

Cinco de Mayo, Children's Press (New York, NY), 2003.

Uniquely Texas, Heinemann Library (Chicago, IL), 2004.

Texas History, Heinemann Library (Chicago, IL), 2004.

All around Texas: Regions and Resources, Heinemann Library (Chicago, IL), 2004.

Texas Native Peoples, Heinemann Library (Chicago, IL), 2004.

Presidents' Day: Honoring the Birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, Enslow Publishers (Berkeley Heights, NJ), 2004.

Joan Lowery Nixon: Mystery Writer, Enslow Publishers (Berkeley Heights, NJ), 2004.

Also contributor to children's magazines. Wade produced a ten-minute iconographic video of Easter Fires in 1990.

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