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Margaret Balderson (1935-) - Writings

illustrated australia england london

When Jays Fly to Bárbmo, illustrated by Victor G. Ambrus, Oxford University Press (London, England), 1968, World Publishing (New York, NY), 1969, reprinted with a new introduction by Anne Izard, Gregg (Boston, MA), 1980.

A Dog Called George, illustrated by Nikki Jones, Oxford University Press (London, England), 1975.

Blue and Gold Day, illustrated by Roger Haldane, Angus & Robertson (London, England), 1979.

(With Elizabeth Smith) Sea Bird, Scholastic Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), 2002.

Junkyard Dogs, illustrated by Janine Dawson, Scholastic Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), 2003.

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