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Carolyn See Biography - Carolyn See Comments:

write wrong

When I started to write I was relatively old, and lived in California. So I was the wrong sex, wrong age, wrong coast. Luckily I was too ignorant to know it. I've always had to write to make a living, and have a solid background in journalism from my father. My formal education more or less rolled off my back, critical theory means nothing to me, less than nothing.

I try to write about the larger world—nuclear war, the random nature of the universe, the oppression of the American underclass through drugs and drink. I've only written one "lady" novel, Mothers, Daughters, and I'm embarrassed for it. But I'm proud of the rest of my work.

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about 8 years ago

I just discovered See's work through the truly remarkable "Two Schools of Thought" Her contribution to that excellent book is the best description of American graduate school experience I have read, perhaps mostly because it is not an Ivy or "elite" eastern grad school experience. Wit without snobbish condescension marks it, probably because See's own academic preparation mirrors that of the vast majority of American students in the second half and after of the 20th century. Lovely clear style that does great to her partner J. Espey and his influence.