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Chaman (Lal) Nahal Biography - Chaman Nahal Comments:

identity quartet theme individual

(1991) I have largely concerned myself with two themes in my novels; the individual vs. the joint family system in India, and my historical identity as an individual, as an Indian. For the latter theme I have drawn extensively on history, especially our freedom movement, 1915-47. Azadi, The Crown and the Loincloth, and The Salt of Life are part of a quartet on that theme; I'm working on the fourth volume of the quartet now. I use Gandhi as the ultimate symbol of that identity.

(1995) I am now working on a novel for children.

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about 5 years ago

Cipto Junaedy, so he was often known, and these days his name is booming in Indonesia discussed everywhere, not just internet media such as social networking twitter, facebook, through online news sites has penetrated even into print to electronic media