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Michael Moorcock Biography - Michael Moorcock Comments:

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My work varies so radically in type that I've no way of introducing it. I write very little science fiction, in my own view and that of most science fiction readers. My genre fiction is mostly fantasy.

Much of my work borrowed from the iconography and vocabulary of science fiction in the 1960s but I would not, for instance, classify the Jerry Cornelius tetralogy as a genre work while The Dancers at the End of Time though a comedy is generically science fiction.

Since I've worked hard to break down the classifications I'm uncomfortable with them being applied to my own stuff. In the past ten years most of my fiction has been nongeneric.

Cross-fertilisation—internationally—is always what I aim for in an edition. My own work owes as much to German Schelmenroman as to the English nineteenth-century novel and very little, to say, pulp science fiction.

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