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Lupe Serrano: 1930—: Ballerina Biography - Born With Desire To Dance, Leapt From Mexico To New York, Danced With Nureyev, Turned Talent Toward Teaching

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Lupe Serrano: 1930—: Ballerina.

In a career that has spanned more than half a century, ballerina Lupe Serrano has enjoyed a life studded with moments worthy of red rose-showered standing ovations. By the sheer power of her will, she rose from a second-rate dance school in Chile to become the first Hispanic principal dancer at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. She has toured with Cuban ballet legend Alicia Alonso and danced with superstar Rudolf Nureyev. On stages world-wide—Europe, the Soviet Union, South America—she moved audiences to near-frenzies with her glowing stage presence and flawless technique. Mexico's Noticias del día recalled how at one performance at London's Covent Gardens, Serra-no's interpretation of Combat melted the audience's usually restrained composure into a chorus of "foot stamping, applause, and shouts." When Serrano retired from performing to teach, she lost none of her passion for ballet. She told Noticias del día that her happiest moments are when she is sharing her knowledge of dance with students. "I continue to be in love with this art and still haven't lost my pleasure for the dance."

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about 5 years ago

over half a century ago I toured with the American Ballet Theatre. During the long bus rides I got to know Lupe Serrano. No biography mentions it but in addition to being a fabulous dancer she was also a fiercely competitive chess player.
We spent many wonderful hours playing on the bus.
Juri Taht

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almost 7 years ago