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Gabriela Sabatini: 1970—: Tennis Player, Fragrance Designer - Reached Peak Of Tennis Career

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Despite her improvement, Sabatini lost both the U.S. Open and the Summer Olympics finals to Graf in 1988. However, she still won $1 million during that year. In 1989 she continued to win money and tournaments, but failed to gain any major titles. After losing at the 1990 French Open, Sabatini decided to change coaches again. She hired Carlos Kimayr, a top-ranked Brazilian player. Under his guidance, she stopped lifting weights—they had added muscle, but what she really needed was speed—and began seeing a sports psychologist. Kimayr suggested this because he believed she was spending too much time thinking about tennis. He told Alison Muscatine in the Washington Post, "She was thinking about her job all the time. It is impossible to act and work like a professional when you live your job twenty-four hours a day." Kimayr and the psychologist encouraged Sabatini to pursue other interests, such as photography, studying French, and sightseeing. In addition, they convinced her to end her doubles partnership with Graf. Kimayr told Muscatine that Sabatini "was not benefiting from that relationship. Steffi was mentally stronger. I didn't think that was a good thing."

The changes in her coaching and lifestyle paid off in 1990, when Sabatini won her first Grand Slam title, the 1990 U.S. Open, beating Graf in the process. Sabatini was now ranked number one in the world, but a new rival soon appeared on the scene: Monica Seles. Seles beat Sabatini at the Virginia Slims Championships, in a five-set final that lasted almost four hours.

By April of 1991, Sabatini had earned $4 million, the fifth-highest amount on the women's tour. Like other players, she made a great deal of money from product endorsements; unlike other players, she had had a perfume named after her. She endorsed the fragrance at the 1991 U.S. Open; it cost $50 for a quarter-ounce.

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