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Tony Orlando: 1944—: Singer Biography - Had Short First Music Career, Teamed Up With Dawn, Released Megahit, Hit Low Point In Career


Tony Orlando: 1944—: Singer.

1970s phenomenon Tony Orlando made a name for himself churning out bubble-gum pop songs with a female duo called Dawn, performing such runaway hits as "Knock Three Times" and "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Ole Oak Tree." The group sold nearly 30 million records, topped the Billboard charts three times, and had their own television variety show that lasted for two seasons. But with their demise and subsequent breakup in the late 1970s, Orlando faced numerous obstacles, including a sluggish career, a cocaine addiction, and a nervous breakdown. Despite these roadblocks, he's managed to entertain audiences for more than forty years and continues to build an impressive resume that includes theater, production, and music. In 2002 he released a memoir of his life titled Halfway to Paradise in which he documents the ups and downs of his show business career.

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