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Remedios Díaz-Oliver: 1938—: Entrepreneur - Continued To Help Others

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In their Miami Herald article, Whitefield and DeLollis described Díaz-Oliver as not only a prominent business-woman but also as "an untiring worker for charitable causes, a champion of women in business, a symbol of Hispanic success and a friend of political leaders." No matter her tribulations, she remains actively involved in civic, business, and charitable organizations. She is the national president of the American Cancer Society's Hispanic Development Center and is on the boards of Infants in Need, Hispanic Heritage, and the Public Health Trust. She served several years on the presidential Advisory Committee of U.S. Trade Policy and Negotiations. In the 1980s she worked for both Republicans and Democrats, and even served as national co-chair of Hispanics for George Bush during the 1988 presidential election. She has received accolades from Presidents Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush, the state of Florida, the City of Miami, and Metropolitan Dade County, as well as numerous awards from organizations.

Díaz-Oliver believes she has been supported during her difficulties because she often has helped others. "It was a different and difficult world for women when I started. I think I was a pioneer in my own city and I haven't turned my back on women on the way up. That's why I think a lot of people are here for me now," she explained to Whitefield and DeLollis.



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—Doris Morris Maxfield

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