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Richard E. Cavazos: 1929—: U.S. Army General - Repeatedly Recognized For His Military Achievements

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Throughout his long and distinguished career, Cavazos has received many awards. In addition to the two Distinguished Service Crosses he received in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, he has received two Legion of Merit awards, five Bronze Stars for Valor, a Purple Heart, a Combat Infantry Badge, and a Parachutist Badge. Recognition of his achievements did not stop with his retirement. The National Guard Association of Texas made him an honorary lifetime member. He was also inducted into the Fort Leavenworth Hall of Fame, which, according to their website, honors those "who after being stationed at Fort Leavenworth significantly contributed to the history, heritage and traditions of the Army." The Ranger Regiment Association also inducted Cavazos into their hall of fame which honors outstanding former U.S. rangers. In 1991 the National Infantry Association bestowed its highest award on Cavazos, the Doughboy Award. Presented annually to an Infantryman who has made an outstanding contribution to the U.S. Army Infantry, the Doughboy is a highly prestigious honor presented on behalf of all Infantrymen, past and present.

In his retirement Cavazos remained busy. In 1985 he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve on the eight-member Chemical Warfare Review Commission. Back in Texas, he served on the board of regents of Texas Technological University. He also regularly advised the Army on leadership, serving as a mentor to younger generals. The Killeen Daily Herald, a mostly military paper based out of Fort Hood, Texas, described one such program that Cavazos participated in: "To help train its leaders, the Army reaches into its past by pairing each general with a senior retired general…. [Passing] along the special experiences of the retired generals to their successors." One of the planners of this training session noted, "General Cavazos comes here with a reputation that inspires everyone who sees him." Well into 2003, that reputation persisted as Cavazos continued to lend his military expertise to the U.S. Army—and as a result, the United States.


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—Candace LaBalle

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