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Laura Restrepo: 1950—: Journalist, Political Activist, Novelist Biography - Raised On Unconventional Education, Acquired A Different Social Awareness, Emerged As A Writer, Saw Writing As Historical Record

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Laura Restrepo: 1950—: Journalist, political activist, novelist.

Few writers have been able to craft together fact and fiction so flawlessly to produce a created world that deals with so many real world issues as Laura Restrepo. Making a splash in the 1980s with her journalism and spending time as an exile because of it, Restrepo is no stranger to the dangers that are prevalent in the world, and is able to express the multitude of angles that these dangers represent through her characters and narration. Most important to the core of Restrepo's work is her love for her home country of Columbia and discovering the past of the war and the drug culture that has destroyed parts of the country and how from that past the country can be rebuilt.

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