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Juan Pablo Montoya: 1975—: Race Car Driver - Approached Races With Relaxed Attitude

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The Colombian's success in F1 reinvigorated interest for the sport in his home country. And in a country preoccupied with a 35-year civil conflict, drug trafficking, and rampant violent crime, Montoya became a national hero. "It's a country that needs heroes, but one that's tired of its soccer heroes," Ricardo Soler of the Colombian Automotive Federation told the Chicago Tribune. "Juan Pablo has become the alternative." When Montoya started appearing on the international racing scene, children started flocking to enroll in beginner kart courses. His face appeared in countless Colombian magazines and billboards, and he appeared television commercials for beer, airlines, and cell phones.

What sets Montoya apart from his competitors is his apparent lack of concern with the infinite details of the sport. While other drivers are famous for their meticulous fitness and rigorous physical training programs, Montoya never so much as steps into a gym to work out. As teams, sponsors, highly trained engineers, and millions of fans worldwide gear up for a season in the multi-million dollar sport, Montoya has shrugged off any notion of pressure or stress. "I just get in the car and see what happens," he told Jim White. "You can't do anything else. My job is to drive. That's all."



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—Brenna Sanchez

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