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Alberto Vilar: 1940—: Investor, Philanthropist Biography - A Frustrated Music-lover, The Privileges Of Wealth, Gave To Medicine

Alberto Vilar: 1940—: Investor, philanthropist.

A leading philanthropist, visionary investor Alberto W. Vilar enjoys giving money away. Because his father refused him music lessons, Vilar studied finance and co-founded Amerindo Investment Advisers, a management house with an $8 billion portfolio that controls endowments, family trusts, foundations, and pension funds. He spends his earnings on budding artists, opera companies, and technologically advanced concert halls. His generosity established his reputation as one of the world's most generous arts patrons.

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over 8 years ago

I am an inventor who is looking for a philanthropic investor who is interested or knows an investor that is interested in manufacturing a "Ladder Stabilizer" that I presently have a prototype for.

This Ladder Stabilizer will save thousands and thousands of lives and critical injuies. The prototype cost under $40 to make and is extremely simple to use.