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Jésus "Chucho" Valdés: 1941—: Musician - Hosted Radio Show

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At least four of Valdés's seven children have also become musicians. Son Chuchito played with Irakere, and daughter Layani studied and played piano in Italy. Another daughter was a drummer, and yet another daughter, Mayra, sang on a Valdés album. In addition to his musical work and directing the festival in Havana, Valdés hosted a government-sponsored jazz radio show broadcasting weekly, on Sundays. Cuba's Teatro Nacional's piano bench was fixed in a design to accommodate only Valdés, much to the chagrin of other musicians who wish to play there.

Despite his wide-ranging musical experience and interest, the piano remained Valdés's instrument. Valdés believes the piano to be an integral part of Cuban music, as well as a strong tie to his homeland. As he stated, according to Blue Note Jazz, one of Valdés' record labels, "We Cuban piano players are always thinking of the rhythm base. We're always thinking of Cuba when we play piano."

Selected discography

Cancione Ineditas, Egren, 2002.

Solo Live in New York, Blue Note, 2001.

Pianissimo, Iris, 2000.

Live at the Village Vanguard, Blue Note, 2000.

Briyumba Palo Congo, Blue Note, 1999.

Bele Bele en la Habana, Blue Note, 1998.



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—Helene Barker Kiser

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