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Thalía: 1972—: Singer, Actress Biography - Began In Film, From Bit Player To Idol, Entertained Around The World, Captured Vocal Stardom

Thalía: 1972—: Singer, actress.

Known as the Latin music queen and TV's eternal Cinderella of the soaps, Thalía has become a one-word global entertainment phenomenon. Like child star Shirley Temple, she navigated a career starting at age four, in singing groups, two stage musicals, video and movie roles, and TV variety-show hosting. Her appearances in Mexico's top-rated TV melodramas, which cast the sensuous beauty as the perpetual maiden, won her a worldwide fan base. She is best known for her alluring pop videos and vocal albums, comprised of many songs she wrote and performed in Spanish, English, French, Tagalog, and Portuguese.

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