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Bert Corona: 1918-2001: Labor Organizer - "remained Optimistic"

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Corona's organization suffered financially after the funding ceased, and took on increasing debt to stay active. Corona was still serving as its executive director when he traveled to Mexico to visit relatives in 2001. He fell ill there and underwent three operations in Leon; he was later transferred to a Los Angeles hospital, where he died on January 15, 2001. He was survived by his second wife, Angelina Casillas, and four children with his first wife, Blanche Taff.

In the Memories of Chicano History volume, Corona responded to a question about how history might remember him. "Frankly, I never concerned myself with a place in history," he wrote. "I've been busy organizing and working with others. If my life has meant anything, I would say that it shows that you can organize workers and poor people if you work hard, are persistent, remain optimistic, and reach out to involve as many people as possible."



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—Carol Brennan

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