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Lester C. Newman - Maintained Research Interests

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In addition to his many successful proposals to private, state, and national agencies throughout his career in higher education, Newman has delivered countless professional presentations, as well as written reports. His teaching and research interests have included American government and institutions, rural politics, urban policies and governments, public policy in the areas of housing, education, and transportation, political behavior, and African politics.

Newman and his wife Gloria had a grown son and daughter and had been married for more than 30 years when they became the legal guardians of a young son of an MVSU graduate. As of 2005 Newman's demanding career had kept him from his dream of owning his own business. He told Contemporary Black Biography in a written statement that "I'm a frustrated entrepreneur."

Newman told CBB that the most important lesson learned during his career "is that you have to always be prepared for the unexpected, and when the unexpected happens, you must handle matters appropriately. Also, you should always have a contingency plan and be ready to execute it if necessary."

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