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Lester C. Newman - Introduced New Academic Programs

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Well aware of the "digital divide" that separated blacks and whites in terms of access to technology, Newman upgraded MVSU's technological infrastructure. He instituted Mississippi's first academic program in bioinformatics, the application of computer sciences to biology, as well as an automatic identification technology program. Newman told Jack Criss of the Delta Business Journal in July of 2003: "Because of such programs, we have entered into partnerships and negotiations with several major private companies who need this technology for their own business purposes. We can then not only benefit this campus and our students, but also impact economic development in our community."

In addition to automated information technology, Newman established an international program, a service learning program, and a master's in business administration program with evening and weekend classes. Student and faculty recruitment improved. MVSU's graduate programs increased from 50 students in 1998 to almost 400 in 2004. However teacher training remained MVSU's largest component.

In line with his long history of community service, Newman established an annual Family and Community Day at MVSU, as well as a science and technology summer academy for middle- and high-school students. MVSU freshman were required to perform 60 hours of community service.

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