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Born 1953, in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England; Education: Attended East Anglia University. Hobbies and other interests: Squash, rugby, swimming, sailing, basketball, soccer, yoga, reading, listening to music.

Agent—Caroline Walsh, David Higham Associates Ltd., 5-8 Lower John St., Golden Square, London W1F 9HA, England.

Worked in the forestry and the timber trade; spent seven years as a teacher of foreign languages and of English as a second language, ending as head of modern languages at a school in Newton Abbot, Devon, England; full-time freelancer, translator, and writer, 1990—.

Books for the Teen Age selection, New York Public Library, 1995, for Midget; Carnegie Medal, British Library Association, 1997, and Angus Book Award, 1999, both for River Boy; Angus Book Award, and Children's Book of the Year Award, Lancashire County Library, both 2000, both for Shadows; South Lanarkshire Book Award, 2002, for Storm Catchers.

Film rights have been sold for Midget, River Boy, and Storm Catchers.

A novel.

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almost 8 years ago

tim bolwer is so awsome i love his book frozen fire

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almost 3 years ago

my name is jeff

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over 7 years ago


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almost 2 years ago

I love Tim's book Blade it's amamzing