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Bronwyn Blake (1940-) - Career

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Educator, human services professional, and consultant; full-time writer, 2000—. Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind School, Burwood, Victoria, Australia, teacher, 1959-62; Northern School System, Fairbanks, AK, television teacher, 1965-68; Melbourne State College, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, tutor in sculpture department, 1972-74; Family Services, Shire of Eltham, Victoria, Australia, coordinator, 1978-90; Child and Family Services, Shire of Diamond Valley, Victoria, Australia, manager, 1990-92; Tranquilizer Recovery and New Existence (TRANX), Burwood, Victoria, Australia, coordinator, project officer, and trainer, 1992-94; H&CS, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, children's services advisor, 1995; Lifeline Central Victoria, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, director, 1996; human services consultant, 1997-2000.

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