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(Jerry) Brian (J. Brian Pinkney) Pinkney (1961-) - Career

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Illustrator. Taught at the Children's Art Carnival in Harlem, NY, and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Exhibitions: Pinkney's works have been displayed in a solo exhibition at the School of Visual Arts Student Galleries, 1989; in group shows, including "The Original Art Show," 1990-96, "Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibit," 1991 and 1994, "Lasting Impressions: Illustrating African-American Children's Books," 1993-99, and "Myth, Magic, and Mystery: One Hundred Years of American Children's Book Illustration," 1996-97; in a two-man show with father, Jerry Pinkney, "Words and Images: The Narrative Works of the Pinkneys," 1996-99; and at museums, including Montclair, NJ, Art Museum, Birmington, AL, Art Museum, and Cedar Rapids, IA, Museum of Art.

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