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Rich Wallace (1957-) Biography - Writings, Sidelights - Personal, Addresses, Career, Honors Awards, Adaptations

editor books assistant highlights

Born 1957, in Hackensack, NJ; Education: Montclair State College (now University), B.A., 1980.

Office— Highlights for Children, 803 Church St., Honesdale, PA 18431.

Herald News, Passaic, NJ, editorial assistant, 1978-79; sports reporter, 1979-82; Daily Advance, Dover, NJ, sports editor, 1982-84, news editor, 1984-85; Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ, copy editor, 1985-86, assistant city editor, 1986-87; Highlights for Children magazine, copy editor, 1988-90, assistant editor, 1990-92, coordinating editor, 1992-98, senior editor, 1998—.

American Library Association (ALA) Best Books for Young Adults selection and Recommended Book for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, both 1997, both for Wrestling Sturbridge; ALA Best Books for Young Adults selection, 2001, for Playing without a Ball.

Wrestling Sturbridge was adapted as an audiobook, Recorded Books, 1996; Shots on Goal was adapted as an audiobook, Recorded Books, 1998.

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over 3 years ago

Hello Rich,
I am reading Playing Without the Ball. And I am doing a project for my reading class and I was wondering if you could send me a quote for our author graffiti wall.

Sincerely, Kyle Halcott

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about 3 years ago

Hello Mr.Wallace,

I was wondering if you can tell me about your self. I am doing a project on Playing without the ball. If you can tell me why and what made you write about it.

What I mean tell me about your self. Is your bio because I have to tell when you were born and where you were born and etc.
Sincerely Kc Knaub