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Karen Hesse (1952-) - Writings

york illustrated scholastic holt

Wish on a Unicorn, Holt (New York, NY), 1991.

Letters from Rifka, Holt (New York, NY), 1992.

Poppy's Chair (picture book), illustrated by Kay Life, Macmillan (New York, NY), 1993.

Lester's Dog (early chapter book), illustrated by Nancy Carpenter, Crown (New York, NY), 1993.

Lavender (chapter book), illustrated by Andrew Glass, Holt (New York, NY), 1993.

Sable (early chapter book), illustrated by Marcia Sewall, Holt (New York, NY), 1994.

Phoenix Rising, Holt (New York, NY), 1994.

A Time of Angels, Hyperion (New York, NY), 1995.

The Music of Dolphins, Scholastic (New York, NY), 1996.

Out of the Dust, Scholastic (New York, NY), 1997.

Just Juice (early chapter book), illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker, Scholastic (New York, NY), 1998.

Come on, Rain, illustrated by Jon J. Muth, Scholastic (New York, NY), 1999.

A Light in the Storm: The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, Scholastic (New York, NY), 1999.

Stowaway, illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker, Margaret K. McElderry Books (New York, NY), 2000.

Witness, Scholastic (New York, NY), 2001.

The Stone Lamp: Eight Stories of Hannukkah through History, illustrated by Brian Pinkney, Hyperion (New York, NY), 2002.

Aleutian Sparrow, illustrated by Evon Zerbertz, Margaret K. McElderry Books (New York, NY), 2003.

The Cats in Krasinski Square, illustrated by Wendy Watson, Scholastic (New York, NY), 2004.

Contributor of short story to When I Was Your Age, II, Candlewick Press (Cambridge, MA), 1999.

Author's books have been translated into several languages, including Chinese and Spanish.

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