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Shari Graydon (1958-) - Writings

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(With Elizabeth Verrall) Gender Issues in the Media, British Columbia Teachers Federation (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), 1994.

Round Table on the Portrayal of Young Women in the Media, Status of Women (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), 1997.

Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know, Annick Press (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 2003.

In Your Face: The Culture of Beauty and You, Annick Press (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), 2004.

Author of television scripts and radio and television commentaries. Contributor to books, including International Encyclopedia of Education, 1996; Journalism in the New Millennium, University of British Columbia School of Journalism, 1998; and Communications in Canadian Society, 5th edition, edited by Ben Singer, Nelson, 2001. Contributor to periodicals, including In Women's Voices; columnist for Vancouver Sun.

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