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George Edward Stanley (1942-) - Career

university english instructor children

East Texas State University, Commerce, instructor in English as a foreign language, 1967-69; University of Kansas, Lawrence, instructor in English as a foreign George Edward Stanley language, 1969-70; Cameron University, Lawton, OK, instructor, 1970-73, assistant professor, 1973-76, associate professor, 1976-79, professor of African and Middle-Eastern languages, 1979—, chairman of department of English, Foreign Languages, and Journalism, 1984-2000. Fulbright lecturer at University of Chad, 1973. Director, annual Writers of Children's Literature Conference co-sponsored by Cameron University and the Society of Children's Book Writers; member of faculty, Institute of Children's Literature, Redding Ridge, CT, 1986-92; member of faculty, Writer's Digest School, Cincinnati, OH, 1992-99.

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about 3 years ago


I'm looking for George Edward Stanley that worked at the Institute of Children's Literature in 1988. I took a home course back then and my contact, instructor, was this Mr. Stanley.

I've been writing on and off all these years and would like to get in contact with him again.

Are you he?

Thank you,