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(Jody Sullivan)

Freelance writer and proofreader, 1999—; Capstone Press, Mankato, MN, consultant, beginning 1999.

Southwest Marine Educators Association.


Cheetahs: Spotted Speedster, Bridgestone Books (Mankato, MN), 2003.

Beavers: Big-toothed Builders, Bridgestone Books (Mankato, MN), 2003.

Jody Rake

Deer: Graceful Grazers, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2003.

Georgia, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2003.

Hawaii, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2003.

Parrotfish, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2006.

Crabs, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2006.

Sea Anemones, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2006.

Sea Stars, Capstone Press (Mankato, MN), 2006.

Also author of informational booklets, teacher's guides, and other educational materials for SeaWorld. Contributor of articles to periodicals, including Satlink, and Christian Classroom. Editor of newsletter for Southwest Marine Educators Association, 1998-2002.

Beagles, Dalmatians, Pugs, and St. Bernards, for Capstone Press.

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