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Walter Dean Myers (1937-) - Awards, Honors

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Council on Interracial Books for Children Award, 1968, for Where Does the Day Go?; Children's Book of the Year, Child Study Association of America (CSAA), 1972, for The Dancers; Notable Book designation, American Library Association (ALA), 1975, and Woodward Park School Annual Book Award, 1976, both for Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff; Best Books for Young Adults designation, ALA, 1978, for It Ain't All for Nothin', and 1979, for The Young Landlords; Coretta Scott King Award, 1980, for The Young Landlords; Best Books for Young Adults designation, ALA, 1981, and Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies designation, National Council for Social Studies/Children's Book Council, 1982, both for The Legend of Tarik; runner-up, Edgar Allan Poe Award, and Best Books for Young Adults designation, ALA, 1982, both for Hoops; Parents' Choice Award, Parents' Choice Foundation, 1982, for Won't Know till I Get There, 1984, for The Outside Shot, and 1988, for Fallen Angels; New Jersey Institute of Technology Authors Award, 1983, for Tales of a Dead King; Coretta Scott King Award, 1985, for Motown and Didi; Children's Book of the Year, CSAA, 1987, for Adventure in Granada; Parents' Choice Award, 1987, for Crystal; New Jersey Institute of Technology Authors Award and Best Books for Young Adults designation, ALA, 1988, Coretta Scott King Award, 1989, and Children's Book Award, South Carolina Association of School Librarians, 1991, all for Fallen Angels; Notable Book and Best Books for Young Adults designations, ALA, both 1988, both for Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid; Notable Book designation, ALA, 1988, and Newbery Medal Honor Book designation, ALA, 1989, both for Scorpions; Parents' Choice Award, 1990, for The Mouse Rap; Golden Kite Award Honor Book, and Jane Addams Award Honor Book, both 1991, and Coretta Scott King Award, and Orbis Pictus Award Honor Book, both 1992, all for Now Is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom; Parents' Choice Award, 1992, for The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner; Boston Globe/Horn Book Award Honor Book, 1992, and Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book, and Newbery Medal Honor Book, both 1993, all for Somewhere in the Darkness; Jeremiah Ludington Award, Educational Paperback Association, 1993, for "18 Pine St." series; CRAB-berry Award, 1993, for Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary; Margaret A. Edwards Award, ALA/School Library Journal, 1994, for contributions to young adult literature; Coretta Scott King Award, 1997, for Slam!; Boston Globe/Horn Book Award Honor Book designation, 1997, for Harlem: A Poem; several child-selected awards.

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