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Stephen Michael King - Awards, Honors

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Family Therapy Association Award, and Crichton Award shortlist, both 1996, both for The Man Who Loved Boxes; Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book of the Year for Young Readers shortlist, 1997, for Beetle Soup; CBCA Picture Book of the Year Award shortlist, 1998, for The Little Blue Parcel, 1999, for Henry and Amy, and 2001, for The Pocket Dogs; Australian Publishers Association Design Award shortlist, 2002, for Emily Loves to Bounce; KOALA/Young Australian Best Book Award (YABBA) for picture book, 2002, and Books I Love Best Yearly Award shortlist, 2003, both for The Pocket Dogs; YABBA shortlist, 2003, for Henry and Amy.

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