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Born 1947, in Surbiton, Surrey, England; Education: University of Sussex, B.A., 1969.

Agent—Rosemary Bromley, Juvenalia, Avington, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1DB, England.

British Council teacher in Ankara, Turkey, c.1970s.

Whitbread Award shortlist, and Guardian Children's Book Award runner-up, both 1992, both for Against the Storm; Guardian Children's Book Award shortlist, Smarties Award shortlist, and Writer's Guild Children's Fiction Award, all 1993, all for The Frozen Waterfall.

Girl in Red was adapted as an audiobook, Bolida Audio, 2002.

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over 8 years ago

how do you pronounce gaye hicyilmaz

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When and why did gaye hilyimaz begin writing?